Welcome to MetroPartner AS


Awarded with “Bragdprisen 2004” at the 2005 annual meeting of Norwegian Society for Oil and Gas Measurement (NFOGM)! (see page 1 and 3 in NFOGM-news no. 1/2005)

MetroPartner AS is a consultant company for the oil and gas industry.
Its main objective is to supply experience and knowhow to companies dealing with various aspects of fiscal and custody transfer metering systems like

- Commercial Agreements
- Applying for Approvals
- Development of concepts
- Design
- Testing
- Evaluation
- Procedures
- Audit
- Training
- Product development
- Research and Development
- Standardisation

Typical customers are manufacturers and vendors, oil- and gas companies, engineering companies as well as authorities.

Customer list:

Statoil, Gassco, Esso, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Gasnor, FMC, AkerKværner, ABB, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Caldon Inc, Linde AG and other